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Some of our favorite resource are:

Jamie has helped me and my children for years.  I have found it to be the math that even the teachers need to overcome their fears of math.   Look for Jamie York Math Academy.


I have known Melisa Nielsen Waldorf Essentials since I began homeschooling using the Waldorf method.  She has much knowledge to share with her Thinking, Feeling, Willing program. 


At Mindful Journey we offer full access to Live Education curriculum to our teachers.    


We have a book club using Tuttle Twins books for our students and friends of MJA.  


What is Eurythmy?  My friend Tiffany Conary has been studying and leading Eurythmy for a few years now.  She brings it beautifully to the children and adults.  



We have a Goodreads account with many shelves to choose from for ideas.  


Parenting book recommendations :


Waldorf books to read: for teachers and parents


For parents and teachers with children ages 0-7