Our curriculum:


* emphasizes the whole child,

* matches specific stages of child development,

* integrates the arts throughout the curriculum, and

* includes every one of the seven multiple intelligences.


Subject          Content


Language Arts: storytelling, recitation, speech exercises, form drawing, rhythmic walking, literature, composition, reading, writing.


Mathematics:  quality of numbers, rhythmic counting, four operations, multiplication tables, number patterns, money, time, measurement, fractions, decimals, percentages, geometry.


Science: animal and nature studies, gardening, cooking; earth sciences and eco-literacy progress naturally into biology, botany, chemistry, and physics in later grades.


Social Studies: community awareness, geography, history that is chronological and inclusive of the world’s great civilizations, multicultural studies, moral education.


Foreign Languages: Spanish language presented orally in early years through games, poems, and songs; reading, writing and grammar that build on oral work introduced in grade four.


Music: pentatonic flute or recorder, singing, ukulele, guitar, violin, choir.


Art: drawing, watercolor painting, clay modeling, sculpture.


Drama: plays, both puppet and staged.


Handwork: knitting, crocheting, cross stitch, sewing, woodwork, crafts.


Physical Education: folk dancing, gymnastics, eurythmy, boating, cooperative and traditional games.