Who we are At Mindful Journey Academy

Mindful Journey Academy is a private nature micro school that offers classes for grades 1-6. We strive to create a safe, home-like environment where all children are encouraged to thrive in all areas of their development. Mindful Journey Academy is an inclusive program that supports all families from all backgrounds. We are a micro school who values each child as a whole being that is a part of the local community and thus the world community. Each class teacher will instill in each child a love for learning, an awareness of self and of their surroundings, a love and respect for the environment through planting gardens, caring for animals, recycling, upcycling, reusing, and learning about the world around them. We achieve this through a holistic approach to learning using a consistent rhythm and flow to the classroom, the day, the week, and the year. We will have festivals throughout the year that the families are welcome and invited to attend. We are partnering with Forget-me-Not Preschool for the families who have needs for younger children ages 3-6 for preschool to kindergarten.


New Location

 Conway, SC 29526

Follow our progress as we create a beautiful space for all.


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