How Can I help?

Mindful Journey Academy, a Waldorf-inspired nature school is coming soon to Myrtle Beach. We are offering a new choice for private education to our area. Please show your support by connecting with us in ways that help your business.




Come support our new Waldorf-inspired nature school by bringing school diversity to the area. Most schools in Horry county are religious-based.  Though these schools are great for some we need more options.  We need smaller class sizes and more schools.  We welcome all and want diversity.   Help us bring choices for our children in the area. Help us bring more options for more families.

Our school will teach gardening classes, handwork including knitting, sewing, and many fiber arts. We will have foreign languages taught beginning in kindergarten. We will have experiential lively arts for all subjects. Students will learn ways to be a sustainable school in our community. We will have a farm-to-table program as each class plants and cares for gardens.

We will give our teachers the freedom to take their students outdoors and to connect and observe to offer better individual education to each child.   

The goals of our school are to:

Create a lifelong love of learning and nature

Encourage creative and independent thinking

Develop heartfelt service in the world

Accomplish a variety of arts

Flourish creativity

Understand different cultures

Prepare for life

Cultivate perseverance to adversity



We bring developmentally appropriate material to the child to be mindful of their emotional, academic, and social needs.

We show children how to experience lessons through all the senses creating a meaningful learning process.

We encourage a strong connection to nature and community.