Rose Ceremony

The school year begins and concludes with the Rose Ceremony, giving a “full circle” experience through the welcoming and farewell roses exchanged between the First and Twelfth Graders. The Rose Ceremony marks a significant moment in time for our incoming and graduating students. This reverent event reflects the beauty, kindness, and care given to all students, each year, at MJA



On September 29th, we celebrate Michaelmas, a festival dedicated to courage and good deeds. The students learn the story of St. Michael and the Dragon, which symbolizes our search for inner courage to overcome the growing darkness of the coming winter.  MJA celebrates the Michaelmas season with service projects, field games, and with a pageant performed by the students in the grades.



The celebration of Martinmas comes on November 11th, with the beginning of the colder and darker days of autumn. St. Martin is remembered for sharing his warm cloak with a beggar. In this festival, the whole community cultivates empathy and the beauty of sharing: we collect winter coats to give to those less fortunate. We also have an Early Childhood Lantern Walk where the children sing songs and venture out into the night with their lanterns walking along a path lit with glowing luminaries.


Dia de los Muertos

The transition period from autumn to winter was thought in ancient times to include the return of the souls of the departed to the warmth and light they remembered from their former lives. 

Dia de los Muertos is a multi-day celebration of the dead that goes back thousands of years in South American cultures.  The holiday focuses on family and friends coming together to honor and remember their ancestors and loved ones who have died. The Day of the Dead is a time of celebrating the continuation of life and our connection to one another. Many Christians honor the lives of their deceased relatives and all the saints on La Toussaint.


Wanderer’s Way

Wanderer’s Way is a magical Halloween event, especially for Nursery through 4th Grade.  Wanderer’s Way offers a child-friendly option for celebrating Halloween and raises funds for our upper grades service trip each year. 


Winter Faire

The Winter Faire is a truly unique and heartfelt gathering for families and especially young children.  

Live holiday music, world cuisine, and a Market Lane featuring artisan vendors.  Activities include making holiday crafts, a just-for-kids Snow Fairy Market filled with handmade and gently used gifts, an enchanted forest with beautiful Christmas Trees for sale, and much more. Families are invited to stay for the Celebration of Light with holiday songs and snacks starting at dusk.


Advent Spiral

At the time of the longest night, we find joyful celebrations of returning light and lengthening days on Winter Solstice. The Spiral of Lights festival symbolizes how our inner light must shine ever brighter against the cold, the hurry of the holidays, and the dormant earth. In this reverent and beautiful ceremony of light, children are led by an angel along a spiral path of evergreens.  Reaching the center candle, the children light their apple candles and set them along the spiral path, slowly bringing light into the darkened hall. 


The Shepherds’ Play

Faculty and staff traditionally perform the reverential and humorous medieval nativity play as a gift to the students and school community. This tradition of The Festival Plays is observed in most Waldorf schools throughout the world. The teachers perform these plays together and the communities from both schools attend.


Winter Concert

This annual vocal concert in December, just before winter break, brings the community together to share holiday songs. Traditional and celebratory music from all cultures and countries are performed by the school’s Lower School Chorus and various grades, accompanied by the High school orchestra. This gathering ushers in the Holidays in a joyful, inclusive event.


Maypole Spring Celebration

This is a joyous day! Classes dance around the Maypole to music provided by student ensembles. We honor our traditional Maypole celebration and weave in some of the other traditions that are living in our community.

This Spring Celebration is a day filled with dancers and musicians, petal throwers, maypole ribbon weavers- enjoyed by parents, families, and teachers.